School leadership visit Chinese and foreign students staying on campus for Spring Festival

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  On the occasion of the Spring Festival, accompanied by leaders of the NJUPT Party Committee, President's Office, Student Affairs Department, Graduate Affairs Department, International Cooperation and Exchange Department, Overseas Education Institute and other departments, Liu Chen, Secretary of the NJUPT Party Committee, and Ye Meilan, President of NJUPT, visited and greeted the students from home and abroad who had stayed on campus during the Spring Festival.

  On the morning of February 10th, our school held a forum for Chinese and foreign students to welcome the Chinese New Year in the first meeting room of the administration building of Xianlin campus. President Ye extended her New Year wishes and “three hopes” to all the students. Firstly, she hoped that students could study hard to achieve success in their academic studies and deepen their understanding about the information industry. Secondly, she hoped that students can make something of themselves on behalf of NJUPT on the international stage of information industry after graduation, just as the saying goes “Today I am proud of NJUPT, and tomorrow NJUPT will be proud of me. Thirdly, she hoped that students can serve as envoys of friendship to actively promote cultural interactions between China and other countries and tell Chinese stories well on the world stage. To have a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, President Ye urged the students to keep warm and actively conform to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control. At the forum, the international students performed the elaborately prepared ancient poetry recitation, song chorus, guessing lantern riddles and other programs.

  On the morning of February 11th, Secretary Liu Chen and his delegation visited the students in Xianlin campus and extended New Year greetings to them. During the visit, Secretary Liu inquired students about their study and arrangements in winter vacation and the epidemic situation in their hometown. He urged students to fully understand the importance of epidemic prevention and control and comply with healthy living habits. He encouraged students to persevere in studying during the holiday and timely feedback their conditions in school to their families. The students expressed their gratitude to the teachers for their care and concern, and they promised to combine exertion and rest scientifically to spend a substantial and meaningful Spring Festival in school.

School leadership visited Chinese and foreign students who had stayed on campus during the Spring Festival

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