The ISBONE-2021 held in Nanjing

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  The 4th International Symposium on Bio, Organic & Nano Electronics (ISBONE-2021) was held in Nanjing from January 8 to January 10.

  The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Wang Lianhui, Vice President of NJUPT. Academician Huang Wei, director of the State Key Laboratory of Organic Electronics and Information Display, gave a welcoming speech, in which he expressed both his sincere welcome to the participants and gratitude to the organizing committee for their elaborate preparation, and he expected that all parties could join efforts to create win-win cooperation and build a better future.

  The conference strictly abided by the requirements of epidemic prevention by conscientiously completing the epidemic prevention and control work and adopting the combination of online and offline methods for academic exchanges, attracting nearly 200 experts and scholars from all over the world to register and participate in. For the offline part, Zhu Meifang, Academician of Donghua University, presided over the invited lecture, and Academician Cui Tiejun from Southeast University, Academician Zhang Jin from Peking University, Editor Dr. Shi Lu from Advanced Materials respectively delivered special reports concerning the frontier disciplines, which brought abundant quality academic information to the participating experts and young students. For the online part, Professor Liu Xiaogang from National University of Singapore, Professor Chen Xiaodong from Nanyang Technological University, Professor Chen Jun from University of California, Los Angeles, Professor Zhang Hua from City University of Hong Kong and other well-known scholars shared their academic achievements and research experience through the Internet.

  The meeting set three branch venues, namely bioelectronics, organic electronics and nano electronics. Besides, it has arranged special part for young talents. Based on the fundamental subjects such as physics, chemistry and materials research, the meeting focused on the application of organic electronics, biological electronics and  nanotechnology in fields like information display, information storage, information sensing, information processing, biological sensing, solar cells and so on. Experts and scholars from home and abroad delivered 95 high-level academic reports to nearly 600 teachers and students online and offline. The conference also provided the participating experts and scholars with 13 enterprise booths for exhibiting and communicating.

  At the closing ceremony, Professor Su Zhongmin from Changchun University of Science and Technology, Professor Zhang Haoli from Lanzhou University, Professor Su Shijian from South China University of Technology and Professor Liang Gaolin from Southeast University respectively bestowed certificates and bonuses on prize-winners for excellent oral report and outstanding wall paper.

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