Confirmation of the Enrollment of Portland Institute, NJUPT Remote Signing Held

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  Recently, the Confirmation of the Enrollment of Portland Institute, NJUPT Remote Signing was held online in NJUPT video-conference chamber. NJUPT President, Prof. Ye Meilan, Member of the Standing Committee of NJUPT Party Committee,NJUPT Vice President, Prof. Zhang Zhihua, PSU President, Prof. Stephen Percy, PSU Vice President, Prof. Susan Jeffords, attended the ceremony.

  In her speech, President Ye Meilan expressed heartfelt thanks to the great efforts that both parties have contributed to the establishment of the cooperatively-run school, showed her full confidence of the starting of enrollment and further cooperation in running school in the future, and presented the hope that we could construct a highly qualified Joint Institute and fulfil excellent achievements through the joint efforts of both sides in the process of future school running. She also sincerely invited PSU President and other PSU colleagues to visit NJUPT after the COVID-19 pandemic is finely controlled.

  President Stephen Percy stated in his speech that both NJUPT and PSU are universities of high quality with distinctive features which enjoy long history and  rich experience in internationalization. Sharing the common idea to be student--centered and society serving, the two patties could fully utilize their respective advantages to realize a win-win cooperation and common developments after successfully opening the students enrollment of the Joint Institute. He also anticipated we could open up to explore the paths of higher level and more diversified cooperative education.President Percy gave a warm response to President Ye's invitation and invited colleagues from NJUPT to visit PSU when it’s safe for travelling again.

  NJUPT Vice President Zhang Zhihua explained the specific arrangements for the preparation and operation of the Joint Institute. PSU Vice President Susan Jeffords fully recognized the arrangements of the Joint Institute, saying that she is full of expectations for the smooth development of the Joint Institute and will be preparing for all kinds of communication activities between the faculties and students of the two schools.

  President Ye Meilan and President Stephen Percy,together with other representatives of the Joint Management Committee,signed the Confirmation of the Enrollment of Portland Institute, NJUPT.

  Together attended the conference are the heads of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges,College of Overseas Education,College of Telecommunications & Information Engineering and College of Electronic and Optical Engineering. The attending counterparts of PSU are the heads of College of Engineering and Computer Science, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Office of International Affairs, Office of International Partnerships & Initiatives and Intensive English Language Program.

  Portland Institute, NJUPT is starting the enrollment and fostering the undergraduates with two majors of Telecommunications Engineering and Electronic Science and Technology from this year, and will also carry out the Master's and the Doctor's degree education in the coming future.

NJUPT President Ye Meilan signed the Confirmation of the Enrollment

PSU President Stephen Percy signed the Confirmation of the Enrollment

NJUPT Vice President Zhang Zhihua in speech

PSU Vice President Susan Jeffords in speech

Live Video Conference

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