Online Signing Ceremony of International Cooperation between NJUPT and Swansea University Successfully Held

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On the afternoon of January 7th, the signing ceremony of international cooperation between NJUPT and Swansea University (SU) was held online in NJUPT video-conference chamber. NJUPT President, Prof. Ye Meilan, NJUPT Vice President, Prof. Zhang Zhihua, SU President, Prof. Paul Boyle, SU Vice President, Prof. Martin Stringer, attended the ceremony.

In her speech, President Ye Meilan introduces the general situation of NJUPT as one of China’ world-class discipline construction universities, expresses the expectation that the two parties carry out the cooperations in all directions including international talent training, academic and scientific joint-research and exchanges on the basis of signing the MOU. She also sincerely invites SU President and other SU colleagues to visit NJUPT after the effective control of COVID-19 pandemic.

President Paul Boyle says in his speech that both NJUPT and SU are universities of high quality with distinctive features and are members of UK-Jiangsu 20+20 World Class Universities Consortium. With the resources of excellent alumni,he believes the two universities are ideal international partners that will give full play to their respective advantages, promote mutual benefits by cooperating with each other, and achieve win-win situation and mutual development which will further promote the communications and exchanges, the diversification of cooperation modes and the fulfillment of long-term targets.

NJUPT Vice President Zhang Zhihua explains the specific arrangements for the future cooperation between the two parties referring to the aspects of cooperative school-running programs and exchanges of teachers and students. SU Vice President Martin Stringer fully recognizes the planning and deployment of Zhang’s proposal and expresses that Swansea would be preparing the potential communication activities for the teachers and students of both parties.

President Ye Meilan and President Paul Boyle sign the MOU on behalf of both parties.

Together attended the conference are the heads of Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges, School of Communication and Information Engineering and School of Electronic and Optical Engineering. The attending counterparts of Swansea are the heads of School of Science and Engineering, School of Humanities and Society and Marketing, Recruitment and International Office.

NJUPT President Ye Meilan signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

SU President Paul Boyle signed the Memorandum of Cooperation

NJUPT Vice President Zhang Zhihua in speech

SU Vice President Martin Stringer in speech

Live video conference

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