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A brief introduction to the scientific research of NJUPT

    Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications (NJUPT) is a key provincial higher education institution, co-financed by Jiangsu Provincial Government and the former Ministry of Information Industry. NJUPT actively advocates scientific research and technological innovations. It excels in such fields as modern information exchange and telecommunication networks, mobile communication and electromagnetic compatibility, information theory and communication signal processing, organic electronics and information display, information management and information system, image processing and digital video technology, computer communication and information network security, optical communication and optoelectronics technology, quantum information processing, information material and nanometer technology, nonlinear circuit and intelligence optimization technology.
    After years of exploration and development, NJUPT keeps on strengthening the construction of scientific and technological innovation base, gives full play to the collective advantage of key laboratories and engineering research centers at all levels, organizes cooperative scientific research, and actively takes up key research projects at the national, ministerial, provincial levels as well as those related to the national defense. By promoting the cooperation between enterprises, colleges, and research institutions, improving its ability to serve the society and economy, and relying on its advantage of talent pools in the field of telecommunications, a virtuous cycle of marketing and industrialing scientific and technological research achievements has been built up in NJUPT.
  1. Research Talents
    NJUPT attaches great importance to the cultivation of research talents. By the end of September of 2008, the total number of the teaching staff has reached 1588; 38.9 percent of 1010 full-time teachers have earned advanced/higher professional and technical titles; 187 of them are supervisors to Ph. D and Master’s degree candidates; 66.5 percent of them have obtained Doctoral and Master’s degrees. Presently, one specially appointed professor is a “Changjiang Scholar” of Education Ministry and has been awarded the fund for Outstanding Youth of China; three teachers (professors?) have been selected as the members of Excellent Talents of the New Century in the support project of Education Ministry; 54 teachers (professors?) are entitled to the Government’s special subsidies; one professor has been chosen as one of the young and middle-aged experts who have made tremendous contributions to the Chinese Nation.

  2. Projects
    In the recent three years, NJUPT has undertaken a total of 1239 research projects, some supported by the central government and one 973 project headed by NJUPT. The recent years has seen a steady increase in the total sum of research funds, exceeding 10,000,000 RMB and arriving at RMB 10,316,000 in 2006 and RMB 20,925,600 in 2007. The contract sum of vertical projects funds in 2008 totals RMB 81,714,000, about 4 times that of 2007. The sum of horizontal projects funds has increased from RMB 6,353,400 in 2001 to RMB 19,194,200 in 2007 with a 33.7% rate of yearly rise.

  3. Papers Published and Patents Granted
    In recent three years, NJUPT has published 3267 academic papers, among which 1078 papers are indexed in SCI, EI and ISIP. In the past five years, NJUPT has applied for 213 patents, among which 40 patents have been granted. Only in 2008, NJUPT applied for 108 patents and was granted 22, which surpassed the total of the previous four years.

  4. Awarded Achievements
    In recent years, NJUPT has earned more than 100 national, ministerial and provincial acceptance and authentication certificates. It has won about 30 awards at different levels, including 14 national and ministerial awards.



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